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General information

JSC "Toshkent qishloq xo’jalik mahsulotlari urgurji bozori" is registered by the Ministry of Justice of the Republic of Uzbekistan on 22/07/1999 under No. 1126. The Company operates on the basis of the Charter approved by the general decision of the company's shareholders and registered by the Center for Public Services.
Authorized capital of the company is UZS 1806.5 mln. It consists of 1220,659 ordinary shares with a par value of UZS 1,480 and all of the shares are placed. Including, the share of Tashkent City Administration is 93.2%, share of Free Trade and Labor Community is 6.8%. The total number of employees in our Company is 134.
In 2020, the Company has signed employment contracts with 134 employees. The Company operates in accordance with the organizational structure of the administration, sales department, accounting, security, cleaning, paid services and economic department. The total area occupied by the Company is 11.12 hectares, 194 public places, 120 trade pavilions, land and buildings are used to serve farmers, sellers and buyers.
At JSC "Toshkent qishloq xo’jalik mahsulotlari urgurji bozori", on the basis of the Resolution of the Cabinet of Ministers of the Republic of Uzbekistan No. 112 dated May 7, 2015, was built and put into operation a modern wholesale agricultural complex "GIPERMARKET".
Agricultural products entering the wholesale market will be delivered to the population, buyers and markets of Tashkent. The existing buildings and trade pavilions in the territory of the Company have been leased to entrepreneurs on the basis of lease agreements, including 1 trade shop, 25 public catering establishments, 20 household services and 248 of other types.
In the wholesale market area, there is a laboratory for product quality control, quarantine inspection structure, police base, tax base, 180 scales, 130 trucks, loading area, parking lot, 6 washing machines for agricultural products.
JSC "Toshkent qishloq xo’jalik mahsulotlari urgurji bozori" operates on the basis of decisions and orders issued by public authorities. The Company ensures their execution. The amount of payment for the rendered services is regulated by the decision of the Tashkent City Administration.
JSC "Toshkent qishloq xo’jalik mahsulotlari urgurji bozori" at the end of 2020 earned a net profit of UZS 2722.8 mln. Net profit exceeded the plan by UZS 767.8 mln.


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